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Social Currency Value

The game has changed, folks.  If you thought you could remain an anonymous user of the internet, well things are getting much harder with companies like Klout.  There is a Cambrian explosion taking place on the World Wide Web that has everything to do with influence.

There are already 900 million users on Facebook averaging 20 minutes a day on the site.  Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are on its coattails with thousands of people joining every day.  One thing these social sites have in common is the way they can gage your popularity.  Facebook shows how many friends if you don’t privatize.  You can also gage someone’s popularity by seeing how many people comment on their post.  Twitter and Google+ show your followers and circles, respectively, and LinkedIn divulges your connections.

Klout comes into this story in the way it measures your influence based on your reach, amplification, and impact over the internet.  You can check the score of anyone in your network.  It’s sort of a popularity contest that is quite addicting once you start doing it.

What is the bigger picture here?  This obviously has an impact on your chances of landing a job.  Think about it, if I’m an employer who is evaluating you for a position, then I will more than likely check out your internet profile.  I can gather a considerable amount of information about you as long as I have your name.  Being the judgmental creatures we are naturally makes someone, for example, who has 5000 followers on Twitter, 500+ connections on LinkedIn, 1000s of friends on Facebook and Google+  look a lot better than someone on the low end of these stats.

The point is that getting on top of your internet reputation might be the reason you get the job or don’t.  Don’t be intimidated by those who have stellar stats.  Klout basically educates you in how to increase your network.  A few tricks like mentioning other handles (@) within your tweet can immediately jump start your engagement with others and raise your score.

Good luck on your influence.


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