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My Own Personal Assistant…Please!

You ever feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of your daily activities?  It must be difficult trying to keep up with friends or coworkers on different networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  I am sure it’s happened more than once where you, in a rush, quickly check your Twitter feed and notice a great book or quote by so and so, but never get back to it because either you’re too tired or just can’t remember where you saw it later on.

And if you’re like most people, hiring a personal assistant to track these things down is outside of your personal budget.  But still, it’s nice to imagine having your own assistant consolidating everything you do in a nice, easy to find, way.  Well stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen because the startup Dexetra has unleashed a new app called Friday.  And yes, quite appropriately on Friday.

The way this app works on your Android is that it aggregates all feeds from third-party services, i.e. Twitter, along with your phone calls, emails, text messages into an accessible base.  We can assume the base will be servers storing everything you’ve done 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Does this sound unnerving if not horrifying?

In addition to the main software the company will offer, what they call, applets which will facilitate Friday’s effectiveness in searching and using your information.  For example, one of the applets will display, depending on what time it is, who you are going to call by anticipating your habits.  It’s kind of like when you search Google and the search engine renders a big sentence before you’ve even typed two letters based on your prior searches.  If you have a half decent imagination, you can probably project where we’re going with all this stuff.  But I will leave that to you.


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